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Time Lapse of the Northern Hemisphere in November 2013 – Manmade weather manipulation

Gepubliceerd op 22 nov 2013

Continuous contamination of the atmosphere in the Northern Hemisphere seen by the meteo-10 satellite with the precipitation estimative behind and the “natural color” in daytime.
The cyan is the reflection of infra-red light by the metallic particles in the aerosols pulverized.

The images are made available here…

Manipulation is called Solar radiation management…

The military is involved…

What can you do ?…


Making the forests burn – Dumping of incendiary chemicals in August 2013 (ice crystals officially)

Gepubliceerd op 22 aug 2013

Time-lapse of various layers of images by the meteo-10 satellite making evident the dumping of agressive chemicals by the military.
These chemicals stay in the soil and make the forest fires very hard to stop.
” chemical trails”’ are composed of tiny particles of metals which are involved in micro fiber polymer so as to remain suspended in the atmosphere. While the natural clouds tend to have round shapes, clouds containing aerosols have a flat shape and are not well defined. The cirrus Clouds are in fact chemtrails, and began to exist when the military operation named Project Cirrus started… . The fibers give the fibrous aspect that we can observe.

Chemtrails are sprayed in order to create cloud fronts. As the chemicals are dry they absorb moisture from the air and drag it through the atmosphere, a simple observation of the Globe lets observe these fronts… – Weather satellite image of the Eumetsat-10
The creation of artificial clouds fronts is called Geo-engineering… (geoengineering)
There is an attempt to normalize the chemical trails, they try to propagate the idea that these are ice crystals formed due to water vapor.
It is not possible for these trails to be ice crystals and remained as ice crystals during the time that we observe, dispersing and occupying the entire sky and remaining in crystals!
Common sense shows that these trails can not be water, the same sense summed up to the basic knowledge of chemistry with empirical observation and it is straightforward to realize that these trails are not water, only one individual with a subverted perception may believe that these trails are water.
The aircraft engines burn fossil fuel, the engine does not drop water, just as burned fuel in automobiles. The fuel is developed and filtered so that the exhaust is colorless, and this is what happens planes as in cars.
What we see out in white by the engine comes out of a hole above the engines, that inject aerosols from behind the engines. Such aerosols contain metal particles that reflect infrared, making them distinct in the infrared images of satellites.

This dry mixture falls into the atmosphere, absorbs moisture from the air and starts to absorb the infra-red frequencies, which no longer allows to distinguish them from natural clouds.
Contamination of the atmosphere is such that all clouds are contaminated. These aerosols are dispersed in the atmosphere of the planet for several thousand aircraft. Careful observation of several available satellite images shows that every day there are thousands of tons of chemicals scattered in artificial clouds fronts circling the planet.
In addition to this spray of metal particles, they contain silica fibers that may feel stuck in your throat when you wake up, polymer fibers that serve to grasp the mixture and avoid what sometimes can be observed, metal particles due to their weight and higher density fall more quickly denouncing a mixture of different chemicals.
Any rainwater analysis reveals scattered chemicals, as well as an analysis of the soil surface, in addition to contaminated soil, the pH ischanged. The aluminum makes the summer forest fires more intense .

Weather Modification Owning the Weather


Nothing is more terrifying than the weather gone wild. Since the very beginning we’ve search for ways to manipulate mother nature. Now thanks to technological leaps in the last three decades, the holy grail of climate science may actually be in our reach as we strive to own the weather. Chaos theory hurricane control, advanced cloud seeding, massive ionospheric heaters, storm absorbing super gels, nano scale weather machines, some barely visible to the human eye. All of these technologies exist in some form today – many of them are being tested at this very moment. In many parts of the world, large-scale modification is already common place, and with good reason. (Excerpt from the film)

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