Download the Chemtrails Manual Published For The USAF Academy

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Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

The “Chemtrails Manual” makes it clear that the term “chemtrails” is not a conspiracy theory. It was published by the Depertment of Defense in 1990 and paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Although not intended to show classroom pilots how to spray chemicals, the “Chemtrails Manual” provides indoctrination and teaches the essentials of atmospheric chemistry as basis for carrying out operations to engineer the climate.

It’s only Congress, the FAA, EPA, NASA, NOAA, NWS and FAKE NEWS that provide coverup in the usual interests of “National Security” as coverup, despite conclusive evidence of chemical spraying by non-governmental and non-University connected researchers like Cliff Carnicom at the Carnicom Institute

After all, admitting to a secret program of altering the climate would endanger the entire IPCC political agenda of Global Warming/Climate Change and cause essential scientific papers that support the theory of CO2 causation for AGW to be retracted.

How Could Chemtrails Be…

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