Codepink to Protest Obama Killer Drones in Gainesville, Florida

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Code Pink Header-BBy Harold Saive – Veterans For Peace, Ch 136

Media Benjamin Mug and book Drone warfareThe November 6 and 7 actions are organized by Codepink in conjunction with Medea Benjamin’s visit to Gainesville.

Benjamin is an activist and author of  Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, and she has been campaigning to stop the use of killer drones. Her direct questioning of President Obama during his 2013 foreign policy address, as well as her recent trips to Pakistan and Yemen, helped shine a light on the innocent people killed by US drone strikes.

Events for Thursday, Nov., 6th

♦ 6:30 PM: UF Ustler Hall: Medea Benjamin speaks on Empowering Women Globally in the Peace  Movement.  Reception and book signing to follow.

Events for Friday, Nov., 7th

♦ 3 to 5 PM:  PROTEST DRONE WARFARE. Meet at corner of Main St. and University Ave, with march to Prioria Robotics at 4:20 pm. (0.7 mile.)


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