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Hurricane Matthew, Weather Warfare, Haiti, HAARP, Katrina

Weather Warfare Operations in Haiti: Hurricane Matthew and the Earthquake?
Hurricane Mattthew Giant Skull Hit Haiti
Hurricane Mattthew Giant Skull Hit Haiti
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Weather Warfare Operations in Haiti – Hurricane Matthew


Was Hurricane Matthew man-made? An engineered climate catastrophe?

A hurricane gentrification operation? To take prime lands housing poor Black communities in Haiti? Like Katrina in New Orleans?

I’m getting this question a lot.

The way the 2010 earthquake and now Hurricane Matthew hit the Island of Ayiti on the Black side only, and not much in the European-owned Dominican Republic sides, has folks asking my thoughts on this.

Frankly, I don’t know. It looks suspicious. We’d be naive and foolish to discount the evidence at hand.

I think our relationship and history as Black people since 1503 in Haiti, alongside Blan Kolon’s systemic tyranny and greed, gives us a clue.
Hurricane Matthew decimated a specific population in Haiti already struggling to survive. When the catastrophic earthquake happened, just like with Hurricane Matthew, the white oligarch areas of Petionville Haiti were spared the 145 mph winds, the walls of ocean waves, flood waters and the torrential rains.

The US, France and Canada sent more military to Haiti again. Just as they did for the earthquake six years ago. Everyone seems to forget the United Nation is in Haiti already.

Where is the UN, Chapter 7, shoot-to-kill “rescuers,” already in Haiti for nearly 13 years now? Where is the progress achieved for Haiti by the combined $25 billion in humanitarian aid, administered, not just by the Clintons from 2009 to 2013, but by the UN-MINUSTAH since 2004? Where is the infrastructure for the locals they helped develop, built back better? The villages they rebuilt with piped water, sewers and electricity for everyone? The hurricane flood gates, levees, roads, sanitation plants and protections against ocean storm surges?

We rarely saw the blue helmets helping the victims during the Hurricane Matthew ordeal. So, where are they?

Oh, yeah, surfing the internet inside their walled-in barracks; posing for selfies at the beach against wild winds; setting up new brothels; or, raping little 6-year old Black girls and boys in exchange for food. That is, when they’re not dumping their raw feces into Haiti rivers to bring Haiti the worst cholera epidemic in the world. Or, pushing cholera democracy with fraudulent elections.

Is this the latest engineered climate catastrophe to continue Haiti’s military occupation under the pretext of humanitarian aid?

Haitians are used to hurricanes. But many I’ve spoken to, report there was something strange about the taste of the rain during Hurricane Matthew. Research show that climate engineering involves the use of highly toxic materials. Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti insist the rain tasted nasty and very salty, saltier than sea water. Even Haitians living far away from the shorelines said the torrential rains tasted different, more like really bad ocean water and that the breathable air scented different; that they inhaled and absorbed Hurricane Matthews differently.

Maybe there’s some innocuous explanation for this and for how Matthews didn’t strike and then continue on its way, but hovered over one spot in Haiti for hours on end?

But, what if it was the Laboratory’s weather warfare? Global ionosphere heaters like a HAARP climate engineering operation, unleashed by the power structure? In order to create havoc for colonial purposes? To bring in a toxic airborne disease or another water-borne disease as was done after the earthquake with UN-imported cholera? Or, simply to destroy the rolling green hills of Southern Haiti that were rich with avocados, mangoes, coconut and banana trees? To usher in more famine in relatively stable Southern Haiti? Ramp up the psychological warfare about how poor and pitiful Haitians are to distract the world’s public from the US occupation of Haiti behind humanitarian imperialism, fake elections, fake aid and the poverty-pimping charitable industrial complex?

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